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Tag Number: Tag19-370   
Name: **Reyna Adoption Fee Sponsored**  Picture of **Reyna Adoption Fee Sponsored**
Gender/Altered: Female Altered
Age/DOB:  3/15/2017 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Pit Bull Terrier  Mix
Colors: Brown 
Color Pattern: Brindle 
Size/Weight Medium 
Collar Color/Type:   
Intake Status: Surrender 
Notes: Let's not forget the momma of all these cute little pups. Reyna is the sweetest little girl, she loves everyone she meets. The best place for her to be...right by her people. Have kids? Reyna will love them and enjoys playing in the yard with them. Cats? No problem, she lived with cats in her foster home. Reyna can be selective with her doggie friends so we will require a meet and greet....she prefers female dogs. Great little dog came to us as a very pregnant stray, even sadder the "owner" cropped her ears at home and they still had the fishing line stitched in them! With everything she's gone through, she is amazing and has a heart of gold. Please stop by for a visit with this lap dog.  

Tag Number: Tag19-623   
Name: Lady Bird  Picture of Lady Bird
Gender/Altered: Female Altered
Age/DOB:  6/1/2011 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Great Dane Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix
Colors: Fawn Gray
Color Pattern: Brindle 
Size/Weight Medium 
Collar Color/Type: Black Nylon 
Available for Adoption: 6/24/2019 
Intake Status: Stray 
Where Found: Was found Sunday morning tied to a gazebo at Tyrone Covenant Presbyterian Church on White Lake Road, just west of US23. Fenton 
Notes: Check out Lady Bird! Aged to perfection and ready for a life on easy street. Lady came to us as a stray that had been left tied out to a church gazebo. We're not sure of her past or why she was left behind, but we see a bright future for her and cannot wait to see her face as she pulls away with her new family. Could this be you? Lady likes other dogs, she doesn't seem to mind cats, she's housetrained and loves to go for walks. Sweet, fun, smart, and easy to work with, Lady Bird will bark to let you know someone has arrived so save money on that home alarm system too.  

Tag Number: Tag19-717   
Name: Big Mac  Picture of Big Mac
Gender/Altered: Male Altered
Age/DOB:  7/1/2017 
Breed(s)/Purebred: American Bulldog  Mix
Colors: White Black
Color Pattern:  
Size/Weight Large 
Collar Color/Type:   
Available for Adoption: 7/12/2019 
Intake Status: Stray 
Where Found: Found N. Main and Kenton, Whitmore Lake 
Notes: Goofy Big Mac loves playtime and long walks. Mac has lots of energy so a fenced yard or a pass to the dog park would be great for him. He does well in the office, after a few minutes of running around meeting everyone he lays down and chills. His dog interactions here at the shelter have been playful, but he will stand his ground if another dog brings some attitude. We have not tested with cats. Big Mac likes everyone he meets and enjoys being around children. We will update with more information as time goes on. Stop by for a visit, he's one big handsome lug.  

Tag Number: Tag19-726   
Name: Joe Montana  Picture of Joe Montana
Gender/Altered: Male Unaltered
Age/DOB:  7/1/2015 
Breed(s)/Purebred: Mastiff  Mix
Colors: Red 
Color Pattern:  
Size/Weight Large 
Collar Color/Type: Red Nylon 
Available for Adoption: 7/31/2019 
Intake Status: Stray 
Where Found: Dorr Rd and Grand River, Brighton 
Notes: Joe will be seeing the vet next week and completing his behavioral assessment. We will update his status when he hits the adoption floor.  

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